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Bulk liquidation auctions, directly from retailers.
Buyers Love Us - Testimonials
  • Customer Support

    Top notch service and support drives more than 82% of customer satisfaction in independent studies.
    "The customer service - Every time I've had a question, each person I contacted was friendly and very eager to help."
  • Trust and Safety

    Buyers value the detailed manifests provided on each individual lot. This enables buyers to bid with confidence, knowing whom they're buying from, and what they can expect when bidding on an auction through The B-Stock Sourcing Network. Buyers value the liquidation inventory directly from top Fortune 2000 companies including Walmart, Sam's Club, Macy's, among others.
    "There is high quality merchandise that sells relatively inexpensively. There are too many inexperienced liquidators are on liquidation.com and they drive prices up too high because they don't know what they're doing."
  • Accuracy of Manifests

    The B-Stock Sourcing Network requires detailed manifest that specifies reasons for returns, and more. Buyers get exactly what the manifests lists, in the condition that they expect, because retailers like Walmart, Macy's, and Sam's Club maintain extremely high standards of lotting and grading.
    "The detailed manifests and pictures provided allow me to make an informed decision about my merchandise investments."
  • User Experience

    Buyers rank usability and auction interface as major reasons for choosing The B-Stock Sourcing Network. We are recommended by 8/10 buyers.
    "Overall, the accuracy of the auctions and the customer service team are excellent. I will always recommend other business partners to the B-Stock Sourcing Network."
  • Quality of Inventory

    The B-Stock Sourcing Network requires that the inventory from top retailers is provided with detailed and accurate manifests.
    "The inventory is straight from department stores."
  • Pricing

    Many of the auctions on our marketplace have starting prices as low as $1 or $100 dollars and end at a small fraction of the MSRP.
    "Low starting prices and affordable shipping quotes."
  • Importance to Business

    The B-Stock Sourcing Network provides buyers the opportunity to capitalize on bargains directly from Fortune 2000 companies and offers unparalleled value for buyers of liquidation inventory. The liquidation inventory is primarily new, customer returned, damaged, refurbished, or discontinued to meet every buyers' needs.
    "Top notch merchandise and support. These liquidation lots have been a large part of our business and allow us to provide our customer base with great products at great prices."
  • Overall Satisfaction

    The B-Stock Sourcing Network strives to create the best secondary market product sourcing solution in the world for buyers, by providing them with the opportunity to purchase liquidation, refurbished, and overstock inventory directly from major retailers. There is always a large variety of inventory to choose from and no middleman markups.
    "The people on the B-Stock Sourcing Network teams are very helpful and the products are well represented. Easy transactions make it an overall pleasant experience."
Buyers Love us

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